Source Evaluation 3: Exploring Lewis and Clark

Thomas P. Slaughter’s “Exploring Lewis and Clark” aims to allow the reader to interpret the journal writings of Lewis and Clark in his or her own way with the goal of disposing how we used to think about the Lewis and Clark Expedition and think differently about the role and impact of the voyage. This viewpoint is exactly how I would like to understand my resources on Sacagawea, by connecting the 21st century to 1804-6 and uporivo statuencover the hidden themes to why the Native American guide and her fellow explorers are still prevalent in today’s society. In chapter 5, Slaughter uses the name “Porivo” rather than Sacagawea, a name given to the Mandan tribe member in Native accounts on the expedition. This alias to incredibly significant to the process of my research as it contrasts the many myths of the Natives to the “set in stone” stories of the American settlers. Another subject that this author points out is the continuous treatment of the “Indian princess” from the time she was captured up to her alleged death at 24 years old. This narrative of how the other Corps members treated her reveals why she has been such a massive symbol in feminist movements and why she is celebrated for being a woman on a man’s voyage. I believe this source will become undeniably useful in crafting my thesis as well as incorporating different reactions and myths surrounding Sacagawea.



Slaughter, Thomas P. Exploring Lewis and Clark. New York, Alfred A. Knopf, 2003.

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  1. mamarobertson4

    This is a strong source evaluation. You might look at the ways in which this text has been used and also begin to qualify how/when Sacagawea becomes a feminist symbol which seems to be a part of your argument. You just want to make sure you have clear evidence and I’d push you towards work in the 70’s especially. You might think about looking at the movement to put her on a gold coin in the late 90’s. You are well on your way. Nicely done.

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