Source Evaluation #2- Sacagawea: A Biography

The Greenwood Biographies’ account on Sacagawea proves to be a reliable source with the series’ renowned status and a multitude of cited sources found in a separate section of the book. The introduction begins with the myths of whom the common man believed was Sacagawea and how it is believed her place was valued in the society. The author gives an account on the “indian guide” from her living inbiography of sacagawea her original Shoshone tribe to her death and profound legacy. Her story is drawn out in complete detail equipped with primary sources on her account by the Corps of Discovery members. Throughout the book, the author, Summitt, dives deep into Sacagawea’s persona and shares her anticipated feelings and emotions through the extent of the journey. This perspective, I believe, will be a valuable asset to my research paper. With a female’s view on Sacagawea’s role as a woman, this also brings about information on Sacagawea’s legacy in feminism. However, the author chooses contrasting views for the reader to interpret themselves therefore, this information will help me in construing a thesis and my own personal outlook on Sacagawea.

Another interesting take within this source is the aftermath of the expedition and the coming-about of “legends and lore” which spread across the current United States from the Native American tribes to Thomas Jefferson. Each tale gives a different portrayal of Sacagawea that gives a glimpse of the relations between the Indians and the explorers at the time. Her upbringing from “savage” to “genuine Indian princess” (or otherwise) reveals the change in judgment of the Native Americans.


Summitt, April R. Sacagawea: a biography. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2008. Print.

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  1. mamarobertson4

    It seems to me like you are beginning to focus on the many versions of Sacagawea from myth to reality which would make for a great focus for your paper. You might consider the different interpretations and what they reveal not necessarily about Sacagawea, but about those who were writing about her. You are also beginning to make an argument here and seem in good shape. One note, watch your dependence on to be verbs! Your writing is clearer and stronger when you use verbs that don’t need help. Good job!
    Grade: 48

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