Source Evaluation #1: PBS

Within the PBS website, there is a variety of great, reliable content on the Lewis and Clark Expedition beginning from Jefferson’s decision to launch of the “Corps of Discovery” to seven historian’s opinions on the endeavor 200 years later.  This source will be useful in finding the cold, hard facts without any biases for my research. Furthermore, there is a separate section solely describing each of the Indian tribes the explorers came across and their ethics described by Lewis and Clark, themselves. In my paper I hope to use this source to record the relations between the explorers and the varying tribes as well as to interpret Sacagawea’s presence in these encounters.


Interactive Trail Map

Some other aspects to this PBS source that will be useful are the timeline and interactive trail map. The timeline gives exact dates to each important checkpoint, an example being the hiring of Toussaint Charbonneau, Sacagawea’s husband, on November 8th, 1804. Likewise, the interactive map presents a terrific feature to find other, more specific sources on each state’s trails, indian relations, and journal writings of Lewis and Clark.  These aspects provide visuals that are easy to navigate and are easy to comprehend. In addition, this sources releases the specifics of the expedition, including an extensive list of all the supplies taken on the expedition ranging from navigation instruments, to arms and ammunition, to presents for Indians. I believe this source will be of great use as it accounts for both sides of the story in which the American “explorers” are only half the narrative.


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  1. mamarobertson4

    This is a solid first evaluation. A few notes: I don’t see any tags, and you need to be aware that all sources have biases. For example, in taking Lewis and Clark’s accounts of their interactions with the Native tribes, there is an obvious bias as the Native tribes are only represented. If you want to focus mainly on the interactions with the Native Tribes and Sacagwea’s role, that should help you really hone in on a topic specific enough to drive your research. Alderman library has many great sources for you.
    Grade: 44/50

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